Weekly Fashion Update~ New Tanks!

It’s true. The high-neck 90’s tank top is back and tearing up the runways. It is nearly impossible to log into Tumblr and not see hipsters and fashion icons wearing these cute tanks. My favorite stores to buy these are Forever 21, Pac Sun, and Urban Outfitters. These tanks can become a fashion mishap with specific pieces, but with these steps can make your outfit one to remember. Let’s begin!

Peace Love Shea

These tanks add great dimension when being worn as a basic. This outfit works well because the heavy prints and statement jewels balance out with the plain black tank. It doesn’t look basic because of the high neckline of the top. These tanks are typically crop tops so the high-waisted pants work well so you aren’t showing a drastic amount of skin.


Although this isn’t a tank top, it still has the high neckline that this style provides. This dress flows out into a pleated circle skirt and is a gorgeous pastel color. Adding statement jewelry or colored accessories will make the outfit more dramatic. This dress is perfect for a regular day or can be paired with a printed blazer for work. It is $68 at nastygal.com


This tank top takes a more peplum twist creating a great night-out look. Paired with leather pants and killer pumps, this peplum tank really strikes a chord. Having a heavy print works well with the neutral accessories. Wearing your hair up also draws attention to how this tank flatters your upper body. 


I love this final look! The oversized skirt paired with the cropped tank and simplistic heels works fabulously! The minimal amount of jewelry and basic colors balances out the mid-drift. I love how simple this outfit is, yet it is so stunning. 

Weekly Fashion Update~ 2013 Summer Swimwear Trends

Summer has officially arrived, which means this post is well needed. Every year new trends pierce the runways and end up on the coastline. Swimwear trends have evolved from last years simple bandeau. For the latest in swim fashion trends, I turned to Miami Fashion Week.  Miami fashion designers bring the flashy, sexy, glamour of city to the runway. The models are gorgeous bronzed women who make you want to race into the stores and buy these looks. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on designer suits, I prefer to buy swimwear that would get the most use. My method is to possess an array of solid bottoms and solid tops. I usually buy patterned tops or bottoms separately that correlate with a solid opposite, splurging on mainly one-pieces. My favorite places to buy swimwear are Pac Sun, Forever21, Lulus.com, Target, Victoria’s Secret, and any beach store. All of these stores should carry these trends. Let’s begin!

1.) Sequins Galore!

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

I am in love with the glitzy straps on this simple and chic black bikini.  The sparkle is just right and shines beautifully against her gorgeous tan. Sequin patterned bandeau tops have also been making an appearance with printed bottoms.

2.) Fringe Bikini Tops

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

I know you have been seeing the fringe bikinis all over pinterest and instagram! They are everywhere.  A fun and sexy look for those who want to add a little edge. Most fringe suits are either a triangle top or bandeau, but one-piece fringe tops are also chic.

3.) Gold & Copper Accents

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

The small bits of shimmery  accent brings out her tan. I love the gold touch on this white bikini.  A fresh combo!

4.) Cropped Bustier

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

I am obsessed with this cropped bustier swim suit and its mismatched bottoms.  Super flattering cut on the top makes any waist look skinnier.  The contrast with the pink top and patterned bottom is super trendy and helps break up the boring nature of having the same print all over. The proportions of the bustier and small bottoms brings a nice shape to the body.

5.) Bikini Bow Tops

miamifashionweek swim 2013 bikini fashion blog bow 182x300 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

A bikini bow top is the perfect way to make a swimsuit cute and playful.  Most of these tops are bandeau making the bow in the front. The small bow on the bottom helps bring the whole look together.

6.) Cut out One-piece

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

Cut outs are a clear trend for swimwear this year.  They show just the right amount of skin to remind you that you don’t need a two-piece be hot. Many cut out one-pieces have sheer instead of bare skin showing.

7.) Bandage One-piece

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

I love the bandage mixed with the floral print! The bandage makes it look very sexy, while the floral creates a girly flare. This swim suit is perfect for pool lounging.

8.) Crochet

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

This one-piece is a gorgeous example of the new crochet trend. Many two piece suits have had this with the top having a crochet frill on it. Who knew my grandma hobby has the potential to create something so alluring.

9.) 70’s Inspired Bright Florals

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

Bright colors and floral prints have been getting noticed all over the beaches. This look incorporates a deep v-neck line and a high-waisted bottoms. Very retro!

10.) High-waisted Bottoms

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

High-waisted shorts have made a comeback in a big way this year. The high hemline makes the legs look miles long.

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