Weekly Fashion Update~ New Tanks!

It’s true. The high-neck 90’s tank top is back and tearing up the runways. It is nearly impossible to log into Tumblr and not see hipsters and fashion icons wearing these cute tanks. My favorite stores to buy these are Forever 21, Pac Sun, and Urban Outfitters. These tanks can become a fashion mishap with specific pieces, but with these steps can make your outfit one to remember. Let’s begin!

Peace Love Shea

These tanks add great dimension when being worn as a basic. This outfit works well because the heavy prints and statement jewels balance out with the plain black tank. It doesn’t look basic because of the high neckline of the top. These tanks are typically crop tops so the high-waisted pants work well so you aren’t showing a drastic amount of skin.


Although this isn’t a tank top, it still has the high neckline that this style provides. This dress flows out into a pleated circle skirt and is a gorgeous pastel color. Adding statement jewelry or colored accessories will make the outfit more dramatic. This dress is perfect for a regular day or can be paired with a printed blazer for work. It is $68 at nastygal.com


This tank top takes a more peplum twist creating a great night-out look. Paired with leather pants and killer pumps, this peplum tank really strikes a chord. Having a heavy print works well with the neutral accessories. Wearing your hair up also draws attention to how this tank flatters your upper body. 


I love this final look! The oversized skirt paired with the cropped tank and simplistic heels works fabulously! The minimal amount of jewelry and basic colors balances out the mid-drift. I love how simple this outfit is, yet it is so stunning. 

Ipsy June 2014

Yay! My first Ipsy bag has arrived!! For those of you who don’t know, Ipsy is a $10/month beauty bag that includes samples and full-sized products. I was on a wait-list for about 3-4 weeks until I was sent an email saying my first bag would arrive the middle of June. It was delivered in gorgeous pink shipping material and opened up to this lovely bag. The bag itself probably costs $10, and the beauty products are amazing. The theme is all about summer and the products seem to all correlate to create one main look. Overall, I was really impressed with my first bag and plan to use all of the products included. Let’s begin!

June Ipsy Bag www.lustforlipgloss.com

The first product is Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner in Blue. This is a full-size liquid liner that is super shimmery. The bright teal color adds a nice pop for a winged look. I applied this and it went on fairly smooth. One thing that did catch my eye was even though it doesn’t say it is waterproof, it sort of is. I wore this liner for about an hour then tried to take it off, but after scrubbing with a makeup wipe it was still somewhat on my lids. This is good for beach or pool wear because it won’t glide off after jumping in.

June Ipsy Bag www.lustforlipgloss.com

Next is NYX Butter Gloss in Éclair. This is a full-size gloss that is the most creamy gloss of the century! It is a bit thick so be mindful when building up. The color is a lovely nude/baby pink and works great with all skin tones. If you were wanting to stick with a waterproof theme, like with the eyeliner, I wouldn’t recommend this, but would rather go for a lipstain. Still, this is a great product!

June Ipsy Bag www.lustforlipgloss.com

Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage & Anti-Frizz Styling Cream is the only hair product of the bag. This sample-sized product is used for blow-drying or flat ironing in order to prevent breakage. It smells like fresh flowers and has a medium consistency. I haven’t heard of this product before, but am excited to try it out.
June Ipsy Bag www.lustforlipgloss.com
Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil is next and is a light-brown matte color. This pencil is supposed to match all skin tones, hence “universal”, and is a waxy texture in order to keep hairs in their place. The pencil is full-size and isn’t retractable.
June Ipsy Bag www.lustforlipgloss.com
The final product is Realtree for Her Eau de Parfum. At first when I smelled this sample-size perfume, I was a bit turned off. It has a strong floral scent, but fades into a sweet smell. My go-to perfume is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and so I typically go more towards the crisp scents. This product may get used, or it may not. I will test it by wearing a full, busy day and then decide it’s true fate.

Kylie Jenner Famous Lip Look!

I have to admit, I am beginning to love Kylie Jenner! Being just 16 years old, her fashion and makeup senses are on overload. A hot topic that beauty gurus are going insane over is her regular lip routine. People have scoured all over makeup shelves in order to find out the mix and I have found the solution! Also, this look will make your lips look a bit more plumpy, much like Kylie’s full pout. This only requires 3 products, let’s begin!

First, line your lips with NYX Natural. Be sure to completely line your lips, this includes a little bit on the outside to create a deep pout. Don’t go so far off the path that you are coloring your skin, but just enough to enhance the fullness of your lips. Color in your lips with the liner. This helps the lipstick to stay in place because it has a base underneath it. If you prefer a more pink outline, then use NYX Peekaboo Neutral.

Next, apply Mac Brave and make sure to blend it with your lips into the lip liner. If you aren’t into spending a lot of money on makeup, Maybelline Warm Me Up is the perfect dupe for this shade.

Now, this lipstick shade is somewhat matte, but not as matte as Kylie’s. To get this extreme matte, simply apply a translucent powder onto your lips. I prefer to use e.l.f. High Definition Powder that is available at any drugstore. Using either a brush or just your fingers, blend a small amount onto your lips.

And that’s it! This lipstick look can be taken to a drugstore to high-end level by either using Mac or Maybelline, but still brings the same Jenner-inspired results.

Met Gala Extraordinaire!

Guess whose back and just in time for the Met Gala fashion recap? Haha, yours truly! The Met Gala is hosted by the infamous Anna Wintour, the Vogue editor-in-chief. Fun fact: Did you know it costs $25,000 just to attend the Met Gala?! This event is known as the fashion exhibit of the year. I have critically reviewed the best of the best. There was a TON of favorites, but these were the ones that really stuck with me. Let’s begin!

Naomi Watts in Givenchy

Naomi Watts in Givenchy. I love love this ombre and the light smokey makeup makes the focus on this gorgeous dress. This sheer paneling of the dress was found a lot at the Met Gala, but she took the cake!

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Emma Stone in Thakoon looks flawless. This was one of my favorite crop top combos on the red carpet. The two pink tones keep it youthful, as she is, the small side-boob cleavage and high slit keeps it sexy, and the gown keeps it formal. I do wish that she just put some earrings on or a statement jewel to emphasize the look just a bit more.

Dita Von Teese, Zac Posen

Dita Von Teese in Zac Posen is a show-stopper! The red accents of the dress are just enough that she doesn’t blend into the carpet like some others who wore all red. The hair is glamorous along with the perfect mermaid fit for her body.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Blake Lively truly displays Met Gala class in this look. This shimmery gown is glowing off her body. The cape looks nice with the gown, but I feel like it takes away from the train on the dress and just hangs there. With her man as her best accessory, Blake was one of my all-time favorites.

Suki Waterhouse in Burberry

Suki Waterhouse in Burberry pulls this look off flawlessly. Nude and black & white were the most popular colors of the night. The hem is perfect and the subtle jewelry is a great compliment. That deep red lip truly brings everything together. She did this justice because if this gown was any form of white, it would look like a weird wedding dress.


Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

Annnnnddddd the best of the best goes to….. Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa. This dress doesn’t even look real; it looks like artwork! Her model stature and posture really holds the dress up well. I feel like she would be the only one who could pull this gown off and make it a homerun. Simple diamond jewelry, light makeup,  a black petticoat underneath makes this the outfit of the night.

DIY~ Nail Polish Made From Old Eyeshadows!

If I had a dollar for how many times I bought an eyeshadow and never used it…. Well now I can! I found this trick in a magazine and absolutely had to try it out. All you will need for this D.I.Y. is one concealable bag, one eyeshadow (preferably a pigment), scissors, clear nail polish, a paint brush or old concealer brush, and a container for your masterpiece. This nail polish comes out matte on your nails, but adding a clear top coat will give it that original shine. Let’s begin!

First, put your eyeshadow in a bag. If you want a certain color out of a palette, with strong force and some good tweezers you can peel the glue off of the compact and remove the specific shadow. Palettes don’t work too well because most colors will just blend into a brown or deep grey and be a waste of makeup and time. The more shimmery, the more shimmery nail polish. A swirled eyeshadow, such as Mac Heavenly Creatures Mineralized Eyeshadows, will create a tie-dye effect.

Crush the eyeshadow up in your bag. It is important to use a concealable bag, such as a Ziploc bag, so you don’t spill tiny eyeshadow flakes all over your floor. Try to crush as much of the shadow out of the compact tin. Be careful not to puncture the bag when crushing.

You want the shadow to be in pigment form. Mineral loose shadows are easier to crush up because they are already all crushed up. Try to go for a powdery consistency because it mixes better with the clear nail polish.

Cut off a small corner and pour it into a container. These small containers can be found at the Dollar Store or most makeup stores. Try to fill the container up with the pigment up until the cap screws down to. To clarify, don’t fill it all the way to the tippy top.

Grab your clear nail polish and begin to pour it into the container. It is best to fill it up halfway, mix it, then add more. The less you fill with clear nail polish, the less solution you will have and the grainier it will be from the eyeshadow.

Mix well with either old makeup brush or a cheap paintbrush. Paint it on your fingers and you are done! If you don’t like constantly be getting a brush out to use your nail polish, then simply pour the eyeshadow powder into the clear nail polish container and shake it up!


My Top Lipsticks, Lipstains & Balms!

Displaying photo.JPG

My go-to lip looks lately (say that 10x fast) have included lipsticks, balms, and stains that are long lasting and are worth the money. Below is my top 6 lip products that I have been using daily and adore! All except one or two, the Lancome or the Ulta, are available at drugstores. I included Baby Lips Moisturizer in my top picture because this lip balm is perfect to go under any lipstick, whether it is matte or shimmer. Let’s begin!

Displaying photo.JPG

First is my absolute favorite matte: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the color Standout. These are fairly new and cost $6.49. I was surprised that this line only consisted of warm colors (oranges, reds, occasional yellows) and not many pinks or nudes. This was the last red color in stock at the drugstore and I scooped it up! I love the matte because it off-sets a shimmery eye look perfectly.

Displaying photo.JPG

Next is the NYX Color Lip Balm in the shade Thank You. If you go to Ulta, make sure to hit up their clearance section because they typically have buckets full of these. Mine was about $1.99 due to being on clearance. This product is in a Chapstick-like packaging so you will have to be careful when applying dark colors. When you put this on it literally feels like buttah! The mix has little beads that moisturize your lips and don’t dry them out.

Displaying photo.JPG

This product is the Lancome Color Design in the color Sugared Maple. I actually got this as a present, but it generally costs $22.50. The color is a deep pink-brown mix that is a bit waxy at times. A waxy formula helps the lipstick dry on your lips and stick all day. Lancome is the most luxury my selection gets, but this lipstick is definitely worth it.

Displaying photo.JPG

Next, is a new product to my collection! This is the Ulta Super Shiny Lip Butter in the shade Vienna. I received this as a free gift from purchasing something over $19.50 at Ulta. I believe this promo is still in effect and you receive a 14 piece gift that is pretty much a completely filled makeup bag. I will be hopefully posting my haul review for that soon. This lip butter was included and is a beautiful shimmery light pink with flecks of gold when it hits the light. It costs about $8.00.

Displaying photo.JPG

The last two are lipstains. The first stain is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the color Crush. It costs $5.99. I bought this in Fall when the deep berry lips were the trendiest looks going. I still use it to this day even though it is 80 degrees outside. This is a balm stain so it isn’t matte like the first one. I really like Revlon’s lipstain collections because even though they are stains, they are still very moisturizing.

Displaying photo.JPG

The final product is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the color Honey. This balm stain is the same brand as the one prior, but is in this gorgeous light pink color. Honey costs $5.99 as well. For some reason, Honey always seems more shimmery than Crush, even though they are the same formula. I really love this color. It is light and perfect for everyday wear.

Weekly Fashion Update~ Thigh High Socks

Who knew that even your socks could make a fashion statement?! Thigh high socks are all the rage this winter and go great paired with a well-layered outfit for those cold months. Creating the perfect outfit to wear with thigh high socks takes talent because you can easily go from fashionista to street-walker with the wrong pair of socks. These tips will ensure that you rock these upcoming cold months in style. Let’s begin!

Layering thigh high socks with sheer tights underneath is perfect for winter! This subtle layering effect keeps you warm and doesn’t look too bulky. Knit socks will keep you the warmest and opt for thicker materials if you are wanting to stay warm. Layering two different color and length thigh highs will add dimensions to your thighs.

When choosing a color, go for neutrals or basic colors (black, grey, tan, etc.) These colors are very easy to pair with outfits, don’t make everything look too busy, and make your legs look slimmer. Patterned thigh high socks make your legs look wider due to the elaborate print. Thigh highs with intricate stitching, like fishnets, have a thin line between inappropriate and gorgeous. Keep the socks simple and the right length.

These socks are also great for coverage! If high-waisted shorts show too much skin for your taste, strap on an over-sized cardigan to cover the back and then thigh high socks to cover your legs. Thigh high socks should go up to a little higher than your knee. If you get a pair that goes too high, you might as well just wear full-length tights. If you wear a pair too short, the socks look more like men’s dress socks. Pairing thigh high socks with boots and booties are perfect for winter.

Weekly Fashion Update~ Floppy Hats!

It seems that you can’t escape the flop! Floppy hats are taking the headgear world by storm. These hats aren’t just for the beach anymore. They add a retro flare to any outfit. Along with everything else from the 70s, the wide brim floppy hat is having a serious moment this upcoming Spring. All of the street style shots from NY & London Fashion week included adorable girls on the street rocking these hats with wide leg jeans, mini skirts, long dresses, white tee shirts, you name it. But how do you style one? Let’s begin!

shailene woodley

There is some form of logic behind these floppy hats, and it consists of making sure it fits your proportions. Shailene Woodley’s outfit looks sloppy, especially since her hat doesn’t seem to fit her correctly and isn’t angled right. A good floppy hat hits your chin when the sides are pulled in toward your face.

suki waterhouse

Match the color of your hat to your outfit in a neutral way. Over-matching will overwhelm the whole concept. Suki Waterhouse’s topper adds a great final touch to her crop top and long camel coat. Wearing a hat that doesn’t match your hair color adds more depth to your face and seems more inviting.


If an outfit already has several moving pieces, a hat won’t make it any better! First plan the outfit then apply the accessories. For example, Ke$ha’s look consists of many different prints, patterns,  and accessories that a floppy hat topped with flowers can’t save the day. Sorry, Ke$ha!

The final tip is for you short haired lovelies! If you are aspiring to wear a floppy hat, style your hair as usual (or just wear it natural), but try to put more volume in the front. By having short hair, your hair can get sucked up by the large hat. Don’t fear the flop!

Fall Beauty Trend: Berry Lips!

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with a new lip color – the changing seasons means you can take a break from candy-colored pinks and corals, and try on a bold, dark shade. Berry lips are versatile and classic, plus this shade is flattering on every skin tone. Let’s begin!

If you’re new to berry (or feel it’s too dark for daytime), wearing it sheer is the perfect way to test out the color. It’s also a much less tricky way to apply lipstick, so if you’ve ever had trouble with application (we all have!), this is a foolproof method. If you don’t prefer it, then just simply take a napkin to wipe it off or blend another color to your favor.

If you’re looking to really rock a trend this fall, deep, dark berry lips are sure to make a statement. Dare to wear during the day, or play up your berry pout for a great night-out look. Whichever you choose, this look takes a little more time (and maybe practice!) to apply than the sheer look, but the payoff is worth the effort! Using a lip brush would be the best way to apply it because it will go on evenly and not smudge off you lips.

My 3 favorite berry tinted lipsticks include Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry, Maybelline ColorSensational in Deepest Cherry, and L’Oreal Colour Riche in Plum Explosion.

Weekly Fashion Update~ 12 Celebrity Inspired Party Outfits for Fall!

Fall time doesn’t only qualify as orange leaves and pumpkins, it also means parties galore! From New Years Eve to the traditional Christmas party, you shouldn’t be fashionably discouraged due to the weather. Here is 13 looks from celebrities everywhere that prove to us the true meaning of fall fashion. Let’s begin!


The first look is effortless but will surely turn some heads. Queen Bey pulls this look off amazingly. She wears her voluminous hair down to emphasize her facial structure. This printed shift dress and over-the-knee boots keep the outfit warm, but also show a small bit of skin to keep it sexy. If you don’t prefer thigh-highs, then just pair the dress with calf height boots and sheer colored tights.


Take note from style crush Rachel Bilson for and don’t be afraid to mix eye-catching textures and colors for a cocktail event. Complementing the dress with metallic heels is an amazing way to make each part of the outfit unique. Her trick: Skip the metallic on the dress to avoid any matchy-matchy-ness and keep the shine to a sleek minimum.


Lauren Conrad is always busy with countless projects, so dressing to go from work to play is her specialty. The essential: a tweed mini-dress, with an interesting element, be it LC’s bustier top or sophisticated embroidery. Layer on a blazer or cardigan by day, then strip off it off for night. Don’t forget to stash a pair of strappy metallic heels and a bright lipstick under your desk for the post-5 P.M. switch too.


Seriously, the no white after Labor Day rule has become obsolete. Winter whites are huge for fall too, so try a long-sleeve jacquard top and blousy shorts like Amanda Seyfried’s  outfit. Soft gray pumps bring the look into fall without being as jarring as black. You’ll stand out from the crowd at those September rooftop parties and chic wine-tasting nights you have planned. Wearing a deep berry or auburn lip adds the autumn feel.


Several stars have shown us that printed suits are mandatory for all fashionista’s going-out closet. Keeping all other pieces neutral besides the printed suit adds a feature of elegance for any occasion. She stayed buttoned up, but her high-heel patent Mary Janes give the menswear vibe a dash of playful girliness.


Kate Moss’ silky blazer and toned-down vibe makes this look perfect for a casual night out. To add more flare, accompany the blazer  with solid colored pants and keep all other pieces neutral. Accessorize with a long necklace and cute rings to add more shimmer to the look.


This combo isn’t for the faint of fashion heart, but if you’ve got some serious sartorial game, try a lush green wide-leg jumpsuit topped off with a bold purple faux-fur jacket. I dare you. These hats are huge for the fall season and can be found at Forever 21 for less than $20.00!


This is the trick to an effortless, eye-catching outfit ideal for hanging with your girls. Just mix and unmatch a patterned bomber jacket and pants in totally different prints. Plus, you can wear each piece on its own with matching pairings later. If you don’t prefer high-cut crop tops like this, a black tank top works just as fine.


Don’t put those dancing heels away just yet; September is a major month for weddings. So stash those pastels and try a glimmering metallic—specifically gold—instead, like fashionable Brit Alexa Chung. She even matched her peep-toe heels to her dress for a 100 percent pure precious-metal ensemble. If you live in a cold area, pair this with printed tights or even a cropped leather jacket to add a more rugged feel.


Don’t give up your pretty lace dresses just because the season has turned. Look to Sienna Miller’s flirty frock as an example. Pick a fall-friendly hue and long sleeves, and temper the femininity of the piece with edgy black embellished pumps. The look is perfect for a fall wedding, a romantic dinner, or an elegant celebration with friends. Wearing the hair up with a dress like this adds a lovely touch.


You’re thinking about investing in a pair of leather pants and you want to coordinate with a glam, but elegant top for a night out. Look to Zoe Saldana in Gucci to amp up the sexy staple even further with a gold-and-black sleeveless blouse. If you keep the silhouettes tailored (and your skin covered), the overall look stays sleek and refined.


Keep your florals blooming for fall, but experiment with moodier digital prints, like Rose Byrne. Take the look up a notch with sexy sheer panels and bad-girl gunmetal stilettos—perfect for date night or if you’re looking for someone to share a date night with, if you know what I mean.


Fall is, hands-down, the best season for layering and Olivia Palermo is at the top of her game in that department. If you’re looking for a trendy office-to-play or chic cocktail bar outfit, think about co-opting this one. Start with an exuberantly printed yellow dress (possibly crossed over from summer?). Then top it off with an electric purple leather jacket, which is an inspired investment for fall. You can work this outfit with a rainbow of color combos—just be sure the hues complement one other.

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