The Fake Bake is Real~ First Experience with VersaSpa & Tips for Spray Tanning!

Hello all you beauties! Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but I have had a jam-packed schedule since the first day of 2014! Yesterday I experienced my first VersaSpa spray tan and it was quite eventful. Typically, I just get airbrushed every now and again to shield my ghostly skin, but I decided to switch it up and get sprayed in the booth. I read all about Mystic Tan and VersaSpa. The overall consensus was that Mystic Tan left you a deep orange color, while VersaSpa was a light brown-ish tint. I chose VersaSpa and headed to my nearest Zoom Tan. And yes, pictures are included.

I made sure to do my research of what to do before getting sprayed by the booth and was well prepared. The day before I shaved everything that was going to come in contact with the spray. You want to shave before so that the tan will stick to your skin and not shave bumps or thick hairs.

The day of the spray tan I showered and exfoliated like an animal with St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Exfoliating is the best way to make sure you don’t come out streaky. I spent a good 45 minutes exfoliating all of my skin, including my face. Afterwards, I (secretely) applied a little bit of lotion to my dry areas. Typically, you aren’t supposed to do this, but I didn’t want spray tan build-up in those dry crevices. When getting spray tanned, you should wear dark, loose clothing. I just wore an old black school shirt, black Soffee cotton shorts, and flip-flops. Make sure you bring a towel for your car! I, thankfully, packed 2 shirts on accident so got to sit on one while driving home.

When I arrived the very tan instructor showed me how this works. Compared to everything I already googled, she was literally giving me the basics. I printed out the Zoom Tan trial spray tan which is just $5 for any shade. Additionally, I purchased a $5 primer that sprays you before the tan and lotion to upkeep it. Altogether, my spray tan was about $20. I chose the lightest color because my skin was literally printer-paper white and I didn’t know what was going to come out of that machine.

The time had come. I walked back with the girl and the told me the 4 poses, 6 including the primer poses, that I had to do. She left, I got changed, and started applying barrier cream to my feet and hands. Barrier cream is a lotion that they supply that is supposed to prevent your hands and feet from going bright orange. From my research, I knew to really lather that lotion up well. I, very carefully, stepped into the machine and looked at the diagram of positions. The worker lady told me to put my hand over the sensor to start the machine, but I had so much barrier cream on that it wouldn’t turn on! So I had to wipe some off using my hair net and finally it begun. The primer began and it was just a clear coating that covers your body as you face front and back. Next, color time. The poses for this were stand front, running man facing left then right, and then finally back. Afterwards it would dry you off. The spray wasn’t cold because they had a huge heater that heated up your body. The only problem was the spraying of the machine was so loud I couldn’t hear what the machine was saying. Make sure you practice before!!


Since I had chosen that the tan goes on clear then develops in 4-8 hours, the tan wasn’t evident when I got out. By hour 5 it was definitely noticeable. I waited until hour 6 to take my shower because by then I could see some mishap areas. Overall, the color and coating is pretty even. The main dilemma is on my hands. I put too much barrier cream on because I really didn’t want orange hands that I now have a spray tan line and it looks like I am wearing gloves! This is so embarrassing, but thankfully my event isn’t until Wednesday night and I’ve read that lemon juice can blend out this line. Any suggestions? Overall the VersaSpa gave me a pretty decent all-over color for a reasonable price.

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