Upcoming Fall 2013 Hair Trends!

As is so often the case in fashion and in life, the fall runways were a study in contrasts. Hairstylists everywhere breathed a sigh of job-security-inspired-relief to finally see hair that was actually done: Riotous volume at Marc by Marc Jacobs, punk pin-curls at Givenchy, and princessy plaits at Rodarte. Real women were simultaneously reassured by the simple elegance of messy low ponys at Oscar de la Renta, easy texture at Proenza Schouler, and barely-there waves at Pucci. Those of us who like a little surprise looked to Rag & Bone’s insta-bangs, created with a clever side part—no scissors in sight. I know, to some this sounds like gibberish, but Fall 2013 is going to be booming. This season, there’s something for everyone. Let’s begin!

Spring ponytails were positioned at the nape and ironed to emphasize their sleekness. For fall, the position stayed put, but textures differed. The messy, sleek, and bouncy low ponys are predicted for fall. For a messy pony, tie hair at the nape of the neck then pull small pieces of hair out to frame the face. For a sleek look, gather the hair tightly and hair spray any fly-aways. To get the adorable bouncy low pony, gather the hair a little higher than a normal pony and with a 1 inch curling iron or wand curl the hair in large sections. If you wanted to cover the rubber band with hair, take an 1 inch piece of hair from the pony and wrap it evenly around the band then tuck it into the hair tie.

Why make the commitment of full-on bangs when a simple part can give you a believable (and beautiful) approximation? These side faux bangs have been blowing up the runways. Creating a low side part and sweeping the hair over the forehead gives the illusion of bangs. For thicker and chunkier sections, bobby pin them down behind the ear.

Sometimes more is more. Limp hair is out and volume is in! To get this look, curl the hair and let the curls set. Then back brush the curls with a boar bristle brush (say that 5 times fast!). To get a more tamed look, apply a smoothing cream or a frizz spray to the intense sections. The longer the hair the more it actually looks like volume and not an afro, but short hair girls can still get volume. Just apply mousse to damp hair before styling for more control.

There’s nothing new about a braid. Braids are still at the top of the list for Fall 2013. Incorporating them into buns and peek-a-boo braids that are threaded into long hair. Some of the most popular are french, twists or plaits, reversed, princess, and waterfall. Braids are an easy everyday do for any one who only has a few minutes to spare. They are also perfect for bridal and prom occasions.

Deconstructed buns and knots are mostly situated at the nape of the neck this season. Most of them are messy with just a few hairs pulled out on the front to frame the face. To get a knot, put the hair in a low pony and then coil the hair around the hair tie and secure it with a hair tie and bobby pins. For a deconstructed bun, there are many ways. You could make a pony at the nape and then braid the pony into one braid and wrap this, much like a top knot, around the hair tie. Or you could create a low messy bun and pull it apart to your liking.

Undone curls are a hot item this upcoming fall. For extra loose curls, curl the hair with a 1 inch curling wand and then brush it out with a paddle brush. Set the look with either hairspray or massaged a light pomade through the locks. For more volumous loose curls, curl the hair with a 1/2 inch curling wand or iron and then brush the curls out. Take a teasing comb and tease the crown and large sections of curls. Flip the head over and spray it with hairspray to set the look.

The final look is one that is on the wild side. Designers all over the runways have been sporting a punk movement. Colored extensions, piecey cuts, and slicked back looks. Finally, you get to embrace your inner wild child! For the colored look without the commitment, simply rub hair chalk on certain strands. Hair chalk is great for temporary color without the Kool-Aid. It washes out with shampoo and is perfect for this look. The picture above is merely an extension pony, but buying wigs that are a different shade than the hair on the scalp creates an edgy feel. Finally, my favorite, is the slicked back look. Brush hair back and tease the front. Pin the sections near your ears back with clips and cover them with your hair. Apply gel or hairspray to alleviate any fly-aways.


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