What’s In My School Bag & Tips For School Success

To finish up my back-to-school series of posts, I thought I would show you what is exactly inside my backpack for college. Someone actually requested this via Twitter. I usually carry general items so this could even work for someone who is in high school or just wants to revamp their purse. I will also attach some tips and tricks that will lead you on the path of organization and success for the upcoming school year. Let’s begin!


I got this backpack from Forever 21 and I probably won’t use it again this year but I just prefer plain backpacks. First, I will start with the hefty objects and they are my books. Some classes make you bring certain books to class so make sure you have a backpack that has enough space. You don’t need 20 million folders. Just bring the things you know you will use. If you find school to be difficult, then here is your tip: buy a planner! I have one that my school hands out yearly at orientation and it has the holidays listed, the rules, and any cool information. Bring your school I.D. and your wallet. Your school I.D. will get you into the classes and give you discounts at local places. Don’t forget your car keys, shades, and  phone, obviously. I bring gum because if I get bored I will start to zone out, so gum keeps me focused on the task.

For makeup, I keep it in a small bag that I got from Macy’s with a makeup bundle. I bring the basics. Just blush, lip gloss, lipstick, an eyeliner, and a translucent powder for touch-ups. Blotting papers are really important too. I keep these in my little blue pocket folder and they are Clean & Clear blotting papers that don’t mess up your makeup. A camera is also a necessity because as frustrating and boring that school can be at times, it will end and you are going to want to have snapped some good memories. And finally, my personal favorite, don’t forget a snack. Those late night study sessions are worthless if your growling stomach is distracting you. I usually grab some crackers or roasted almonds for a quick bite.

For tips for success, don’t get carried away. Go to the football games, paint your face, attend all the events to make it memorable, just don’t forget about your work. Either you or your guardians is paying for your schooling, so don’t mess it up because you wanted to see the basketball game. Creating a routine and finding out how you study is key before you start school. Show interest and talk often in class and to one another. I know it can be hard. I was the shy one, too. But you aren’t going to be fun if your only friend on campus is your roommate. Stay humble, work hard, laugh a lot, and enjoy your experience. And yes, these guys go to my school.

Weekly Fashion Update~ The Maxi Dress


With summer right around the corner, maxi dresses are flying off the shelves. This long dress can be worn either casual or more dressed up. Thought to be reserved for hippies, this flowy dress has been spotted every where, but how do you find the perfect one for your shape? Whether you are petite or plus sized, this dress has the potential to make you look flawless. Designers from Versace to J.Mendel have displayed how an age-old trend of maxi dress can sweep off the most fashionable runways. The floor-length maxi dress is one of the highlights of Summer 2013.




If you are 5’4 or shorter (petite) then your main objective with this look is to not look like a tent. In order to not be swallowed up by the long fabric, look for a fitted dress. The fitted dress with accentuate your figure and make it seem elongated. Also, strive for a v-neck shape of a dress. This will show more skin, making you look leaner and taller. The v-neck also attracts the eyes to go up and down, creating a streamline look. Having a slit in the dress or cut-outs will show off your small figure and make your frame look amazing. Adding heels to this look will also make you look taller. For a summery look, I recommend wearing wedges or sandal heels. You can dress-up the look more by adding pumps and accessories. Focusing on vertical prints or solid colors won’t make you look overwhelmed. For petites I recommend Target, Forever21, Topshop, or Asos for maxi dresses.




For plus size girls, this look is great because it minimizes large hips and legs. For optimum wear for your figure, try looking for thicker straps. Small spaghetti straps will make your figure look larger in comparison. Larger prints will compliment your figure much more than smaller ones. Darker colors will also make you look slimmer. Adding a belt around the thinnest part of the waistline to add an hour-glass shape. Wearing a jean jacket or blazer will dress it up without over-doing it. The best places to find plus size maxi dresses are Lane Bryant, Forever21, JcPenny, and Macy’s.

You can also buy formal maxi dresses which are made of soft fabrics, such as silk or chiffon. They also have dressier pleats and hemlines. Solid colors are a lot easier to wear to more places. However, if you want to dress-up one dress for a fancy occasion, adding pumps, gorgeous jewelry, and a cute clutch always make the look more elegant.

Formal special occasion maxi dresses

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