What’s In My School Bag & Tips For School Success

To finish up my back-to-school series of posts, I thought I would show you what is exactly inside my backpack for college. Someone actually requested this via Twitter. I usually carry general items so this could even work for someone who is in high school or just wants to revamp their purse. I will also attach some tips and tricks that will lead you on the path of organization and success for the upcoming school year. Let’s begin!


I got this backpack from Forever 21 and I probably won’t use it again this year but I just prefer plain backpacks. First, I will start with the hefty objects and they are my books. Some classes make you bring certain books to class so make sure you have a backpack that has enough space. You don’t need 20 million folders. Just bring the things you know you will use. If you find school to be difficult, then here is your tip: buy a planner! I have one that my school hands out yearly at orientation and it has the holidays listed, the rules, and any cool information. Bring your school I.D. and your wallet. Your school I.D. will get you into the classes and give you discounts at local places. Don’t forget your car keys, shades, and  phone, obviously. I bring gum because if I get bored I will start to zone out, so gum keeps me focused on the task.

For makeup, I keep it in a small bag that I got from Macy’s with a makeup bundle. I bring the basics. Just blush, lip gloss, lipstick, an eyeliner, and a translucent powder for touch-ups. Blotting papers are really important too. I keep these in my little blue pocket folder and they are Clean & Clear blotting papers that don’t mess up your makeup. A camera is also a necessity because as frustrating and boring that school can be at times, it will end and you are going to want to have snapped some good memories. And finally, my personal favorite, don’t forget a snack. Those late night study sessions are worthless if your growling stomach is distracting you. I usually grab some crackers or roasted almonds for a quick bite.

For tips for success, don’t get carried away. Go to the football games, paint your face, attend all the events to make it memorable, just don’t forget about your work. Either you or your guardians is paying for your schooling, so don’t mess it up because you wanted to see the basketball game. Creating a routine and finding out how you study is key before you start school. Show interest and talk often in class and to one another. I know it can be hard. I was the shy one, too. But you aren’t going to be fun if your only friend on campus is your roommate. Stay humble, work hard, laugh a lot, and enjoy your experience. And yes, these guys go to my school.

Weekly Fashion Update~ Back-To-School Shopping Guide!

Unfortunately, for all students every where the clock is ticking until school starts in the fall. This means fighting back the crowds of people at malls and in cramped stores. The biggest tip I can give someone going back-to-school shopping is have a list in mind of the styles you want to abide by this fall. That way you won’t be persuaded to buy something you don’t need or won’t wear. The best knowledge to have is what trends you like, what your dress code is, and if you can picture yourself proudly wearing it. I am in college so I don’t have a dress code, but I still do like to look cute for school. Putting on that cute outfit every morning will help you stay positive and boost your confidence. Let’s begin!

Maxi skirts are still flying off the shelves every where. Recently, I bought one for only 5 dollars from Charlotte Russee and it is a spandex cotton blend and probably the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. Maxi dresses, with a cute top, and comfy sandals are an easy way to seem dressed up. You can accompany it with a crop top, denim jacket, over-sized top, or an adorable tank.

Chiffon tops and blouses are probably one of the easiest types of clothing to wear. They literally go with anything. From fancy slacks for a meeting to light-colored jeans for study hall. Buying these tops in solid colors make them easy closet staples. H&M and Forever 21 have some of the best selection of chiffon tops.

Circle skirts and crop tops are the next fashion pieces. Circle skirts are much like skater skirts, but aren’t as pleated. Circle skirts are high waisted which is perfect with a crop top so that your mid-drift isn’t hanging out. Crop tops can also be paired with high-waisted jeans or pants for more coverage. If you don’t like getting all dressed up for school but still want to look cute, try a cotton-spandex blend circle skirt and a solid or printed cotton crop top (much like the blue skirt look above).

Military green is also a hot item for fall. Military green jackets and pants look amazing paired with a printed top. Strap on a pair of combat boots and you are ready for battle! These pieces add a punk flare without going overboard. The thickness of a military jacket will keep you warm all winter. Just sew on your favorite embellishments or patches and make it unique.

Over-sized cardigans and sweaters are perfect for the upcoming school year. Knit has been especially popular lately. In order to make it seem like you are not getting swallowed into the sweater or cardigan, keep it simple. Wear solid colors and big printed cardigan. Or, when it’s cold, wear your favorite knit sweater with leggings or tights and cute calf-length combat boots.

Backpacks can be fashionable too! You especially want a cute backpack if you are going to be lugging it around for a whole semester or school year. The latest backpack trends are pull-overs with leather zippers or buckles and a printed design. Lace and crochet have also graced the best of backpacks. When choosing one, go for a look that fits your personality and style.

Weekly Fashion Update~ Skater Skirts


A short n’ flippy skater skirt has become a wardrobe staple, as indispensable as a pair of trusty skinny jeans or biker jacket. The fit-and-flare silhouette is no new concept, with the peplum holding strong season to season, but its oft-forgotten counterpart, the skater skirt, has been hard to ignore lately. Its obvious figure-flattering benefits aside, we had to ask: where did the skater skirt trend come from? The short answer is it originated on the ice rink, with female skaters sporting a similarly full skirt. Earliest adopters of the skater skirt included Ashley Olsen and model Molly Sims. The runways weren’t immune that season, either, as Missoni and Proenza Schouler showed flared minis in their collections. Let’s begin!

c600x455 How to wear: skater skirts

With a simple button shirt tucked in, you get a natural structured look with a narrower waist. These different looks show exactly how a simple black skater skirt can go from day to night.

c600x443 How to wear: skater skirts

Skater skirts are perfect to wear with cropped tops and show off a little bit of the belly without revealing too much. Peplum tops also go well with skater skirts, since they follow the same structure, making it even more elegant. The third look on the far right shows that skater skirts can also be structured into dresses.

c600x491 How to wear: skater skirts

For skinnier figures, or narrower hips, matching a sweater (which are very trendy this year) with a skater skirt can give you that relaxed and yet cute look, either in high heel sandals or just some cool sneakers. And once again, the peplum silhouette is always perfect with these skirts.

c600x458 How to wear: skater skirts

A blazer is elegant no matter what, even if it’s neon yellow. For a more casual look, adding a printed crop top with the skater skirt and a blazer creates a nice touch!


The shape can still be spotted on celebrities and bloggers alike, but the trend has been swiped up by fast fashion houses, like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Having moved from the runways, to early adopters, to celebrities, and finally into the hands of mass producers, we have to wonder about the longevity of the skater skirt. Recently, I purchased a few skater skirts on Asos.com and they do have a great, inexpensive range of skirts.



Weekly Fashion Update~ The Bubble Necklace

The J. Crew Bubble Necklace has become a sensation in the world of preppy and feminine fashion. The bold statement necklace comes in a plethora of everything from rich, vibrant colors to sweet and girly pastels. This bold bauble can be worn with almost anything, but there are some great ways to put together an outfit so that it can really shine. I have been able to find this necklace at Target, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, and H&M as well.This necklace can be one of your favorite pieces if worn correctly. Here are some great ways to really let this necklace pull your outfit together.  Let’s begin!

A classic and elegant necklace against a casual chambray shirt is a great way to meld together two different looks in a fashionable way. The finished look is a clean-cut and fresh ensemble. The mixture of the light top, pants, dark bag, and statement necklace really brings the look a classy look.


I love mixing solids and prints, so this look is one of my favorites. The solid on the print will make the necklace really shine. I especially love the way this gorgeous aqua necklace looks against the leopard print top. The red lips also brings a chic contrasting colors with the aqua, cheetah print, and red lips.


When a gray tee, black pants, and a black blazer, the bubble necklace is totally wearable for work. It adds a lovely pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit. These neutral colors and the bright necklace makes it professional and trendy.


The mix of textures and prints pulled together with the orange necklace creates a pulled-together and visually interesting ensemble. The collar and blazer adds a touch of masculinity, yet the preppy layers and coral necklace brings the feminine side.


Wearing a bubble skirt with a maxi dress creates an adorable semi-formal look perfect for a party or going out to eat. This is one of my favorite ways to wear it because if you purchase an all black maxi dress, then you can just attach a bright bubble necklace and the whole outfit it transformed.

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