Weekly Fashion Update~ Thigh High Socks

Who knew that even your socks could make a fashion statement?! Thigh high socks are all the rage this winter and go great paired with a well-layered outfit for those cold months. Creating the perfect outfit to wear with thigh high socks takes talent because you can easily go from fashionista to street-walker with the wrong pair of socks. These tips will ensure that you rock these upcoming cold months in style. Let’s begin!

Layering thigh high socks with sheer tights underneath is perfect for winter! This subtle layering effect keeps you warm and doesn’t look too bulky. Knit socks will keep you the warmest and opt for thicker materials if you are wanting to stay warm. Layering two different color and length thigh highs will add dimensions to your thighs.

When choosing a color, go for neutrals or basic colors (black, grey, tan, etc.) These colors are very easy to pair with outfits, don’t make everything look too busy, and make your legs look slimmer. Patterned thigh high socks make your legs look wider due to the elaborate print. Thigh highs with intricate stitching, like fishnets, have a thin line between inappropriate and gorgeous. Keep the socks simple and the right length.

These socks are also great for coverage! If high-waisted shorts show too much skin for your taste, strap on an over-sized cardigan to cover the back and then thigh high socks to cover your legs. Thigh high socks should go up to a little higher than your knee. If you get a pair that goes too high, you might as well just wear full-length tights. If you wear a pair too short, the socks look more like men’s dress socks. Pairing thigh high socks with boots and booties are perfect for winter.

My Workout & Gym Essentials!

On average, I usually go to the gym 3-4 times per week. The gym I attend offers free classes that can range from Yoga to Kick-Boxing and Zumba. While working out at the gym, you don’t need the leg warmers and neon tights. These are a list of the simple products that I bring and wear if I am going to be working out. All of these can be found at your local Target, Sports Authority, Marshall’s, or Nike. Let’s begin!

For clothing, I usually stick to a legging, tank top, sports bra combo. Everything seen here is Nike, except for the shoes but I do recommend Nike sneakers. I prefer wearing leggings if I am going to be in Yoga, or doing ab exercises because they secure everything if your legs are in the air. My leggings are the cropped fit, where they only go to my knees. Having a spandex blend is the most breathable.

If you don’t like the longer bottoms, then I recommend Nike Pros. I wear these with a sports bra and a loose tank top if I am going to be sweating really hard. These shorts are like spandex shorts, yet they don’t ride up. Make sure you do get your correct size so nothing pops out while in the middle of your extreme workout.

During the cold months, I enjoy wearing long leggings. Yes, I know this print is atrocious, but it’s light and keeps me warm. I pair this with a jacket, beanie, and go for a run with my dog. These shoes are from Nike and the leggings are from Target.

Accompanied by my Nike Free Runs, this is my usual gym set up. My mat is from Marshall’s and I have a locker so I just throw it in for when I need it. My legging pants are from Target, along with my water bottle and shirt. The floral sports bra is from Sports Authority. I pack my water, a snack of almonds, my iPod, and my phone in a water-proof gym bag. Water-proof is better because my gym has a pool and I don’t want a wet swimsuit to ruin everything inside. And that’s it! You are now ready to look like a beauty, and train like a beast.

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