DIY~ Nail Polish Made From Old Eyeshadows!

If I had a dollar for how many times I bought an eyeshadow and never used it…. Well now I can! I found this trick in a magazine and absolutely had to try it out. All you will need for this D.I.Y. is one concealable bag, one eyeshadow (preferably a pigment), scissors, clear nail polish, a paint brush or old concealer brush, and a container for your masterpiece. This nail polish comes out matte on your nails, but adding a clear top coat will give it that original shine. Let’s begin!

First, put your eyeshadow in a bag. If you want a certain color out of a palette, with strong force and some good tweezers you can peel the glue off of the compact and remove the specific shadow. Palettes don’t work too well because most colors will just blend into a brown or deep grey and be a waste of makeup and time. The more shimmery, the more shimmery nail polish. A swirled eyeshadow, such as Mac Heavenly Creatures Mineralized Eyeshadows, will create a tie-dye effect.

Crush the eyeshadow up in your bag. It is important to use a concealable bag, such as a Ziploc bag, so you don’t spill tiny eyeshadow flakes all over your floor. Try to crush as much of the shadow out of the compact tin. Be careful not to puncture the bag when crushing.

You want the shadow to be in pigment form. Mineral loose shadows are easier to crush up because they are already all crushed up. Try to go for a powdery consistency because it mixes better with the clear nail polish.

Cut off a small corner and pour it into a container. These small containers can be found at the Dollar Store or most makeup stores. Try to fill the container up with the pigment up until the cap screws down to. To clarify, don’t fill it all the way to the tippy top.

Grab your clear nail polish and begin to pour it into the container. It is best to fill it up halfway, mix it, then add more. The less you fill with clear nail polish, the less solution you will have and the grainier it will be from the eyeshadow.

Mix well with either old makeup brush or a cheap paintbrush. Paint it on your fingers and you are done! If you don’t like constantly be getting a brush out to use your nail polish, then simply pour the eyeshadow powder into the clear nail polish container and shake it up!


Product Battles: NARS Blush vs. NYX Blush!

NARS Orgasm is one of the company’s best selling blush. So successful that NARS created a line based off of Orgasm. Blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks with either an angled brush or a thick powder brush. Soon after Orgasm, NYX released Pinched which is nearly the same color, but a fraction of the price. This will find out which blush is worth the money. Let’s begin!

NYX Pinched is a gorgeous pink color with light flecks of shimmer. It is sold in a medium size container and costs $5.00. To get this color I didn’t have to apply much to my finger. The color is a light pink and the shimmer isn’t too noticeable on the skin. I went to my local drugstore to buy this product and was applied with an angled blush brush.

The NARS blush in Orgasm has shimmery pink tone. It is very similar, if not exactly the same to the NYX Pinched blush. This blush is $29.00 and a bit larger than the NYX blush. This casing comes with a mirror and is a compact case. NARS came out on my skin having more shimmer than the NYX. The blush also didn’t seem as pink, but if built-up would have a more pink color. To buy this product  you would have to drive to the mall or your local Sephora. I already had it so I didn’t have to drive there this time.

The winning product is… NYX Pinched! The color was more potent, not overwhelmed with shimmer, and beyond cheaper. Paying $29.00 for blush isn’t really worth it to me when there is a dupe for $5.00 that is even better. NYX Pinched can be purchased at your local drugstore and is well worth it!

Makeup Expiration Dates!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to end, resulting in makeup expiration dates. Once makeup goes past a certain amount of time, the colors can start separating and breaking off mutating into an unwanted product. Makeup should be used up or replaced within this time. Let’s begin!

Mascara’s lifetime is between 2-3 months. If you continue everyday wear then you will finish within a month. Signs to ditch that mascara is if the formula starts hardening, clumping, or smelling really weird. Sharing mascara can promote bacteria growth causing the expiration date to arrive sooner than planned.

The shelf-life of lotion is about 2 years. A change in color or scent is a dead giveaway for expired lotion. Go for a bottle with a pump rather than one in a jar. Lotion with a pump is less prone to airborne bacteria meaning it will last longer because is much more sanitary.

Foundation and concealer only live for 6-12 months. The average daily foundation wearer goes through 2-3 foundation bottles per year. If it has separated into layers or the color has lightened, it’s time to buy a new one! Tip: Keep makeup out of sunlight. UV rays can destroy preservatives which will make your products spoil faster.

Lipstick and lip-gloss have an expiration date of 2 years for lipstick and 1 year for lip-gloss. If you notice your lipstick has become dry or your gloss is extra sticky, they’ve probably gone bad! Testing out shades at the makeup counter is totally fine but NEVER apply directly from the tube. Ask an associate to disinfect it for you then apply with a disposable applicator.

Eye shadows, powders, and blushes last up to 2 years. Expired powders tend to be more dry and flaky than new ones. Invest in a cosmetic sanitizer and brush shampoo! Cleaning your makeup and tools on a regular basis will help prevent both bacteria growth and breakouts!

Product Battles: Physicians Formula Nude vs. Naked Palette!

Recently, Physicians Formula came out with 2 new palettes named Shimmer Strips. One is Classic Nude and the other is Smokey Nude. They both correspond near perfectly with the Naked palettes. Thus, concluding that a product battle is a must between the Naked palette and the Classic Nude palette. Let’s begin!

First off is the Classic Nude palette from Physicians Formula. All of the colors are shimmery, hence the name Shimmer Strips, but they aren’t glittery. It comes in this adorable little casing and has a magnetic flip that keeps everything closed. Inside it comes with a sponge-like brush which can’t really be used much. The colors are small strips of 9. On the back of the packaging it has tips to enhance your smokey eye and how to use the sponge applicator. This product runs for about $10.99 at most drug stores. The main problem I had with this product is that without primer all of  the colors have the same shimmery pigmentation. The picture of the swatches I did are all with primer and a lot of product. The fall-out is minimal.

In comparison is the original Naked palette. With its 12 pigmented shades, this bad boy runs for about $52.00. Most of colors are shimmery, but there are a few matte colors in this palette. It comes with eye primer and other than the cost I really love this palette. I think it’s universal and can be worn daily. The price is a banger, though. To spend $52.00 on some eye shadows! This palette looks fine without primer and amazing with primer. The fall-out is minimal.

And the winner is….. The Naked palette! I chose this palette because I felt like it was worth the money. Typically, I weigh cost more than anything in these battles because I love my under $15 makeup, but the rewards outweighed the cost. Naked offers matte and shimmer and the products that come with it have the ability to be used for more things. Everyone needs a little luxury makeup, and this product battle luxury wins over cheap.

Fall Beauty Trend: Berry Lips!

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with a new lip color – the changing seasons means you can take a break from candy-colored pinks and corals, and try on a bold, dark shade. Berry lips are versatile and classic, plus this shade is flattering on every skin tone. Let’s begin!

If you’re new to berry (or feel it’s too dark for daytime), wearing it sheer is the perfect way to test out the color. It’s also a much less tricky way to apply lipstick, so if you’ve ever had trouble with application (we all have!), this is a foolproof method. If you don’t prefer it, then just simply take a napkin to wipe it off or blend another color to your favor.

If you’re looking to really rock a trend this fall, deep, dark berry lips are sure to make a statement. Dare to wear during the day, or play up your berry pout for a great night-out look. Whichever you choose, this look takes a little more time (and maybe practice!) to apply than the sheer look, but the payoff is worth the effort! Using a lip brush would be the best way to apply it because it will go on evenly and not smudge off you lips.

My 3 favorite berry tinted lipsticks include Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry, Maybelline ColorSensational in Deepest Cherry, and L’Oreal Colour Riche in Plum Explosion.

Product Battles: Stila Primer vs. Almay Primer

Today I will be trying something different! I am introducing Product Battles where I will be comparing high-end beauty products vs. drugstore products to see which one is truly worth the money. The products being challenged will be nearly exact in formulas, but not in cost. The first Product Battle will be the Stila One Step Corrector Primer and the Almay Smart Shade Primer. Let’s begin!

The Stila Primer costs $36.00 and is a Primer that is a blend of green, white, and peach. The medley of colors is supposed to reduce redness and make your complexion clearer. It doesn’t contain Salylic Acid or anything that would actually work on blemishes.

It comes out looking like this and is semi-thick and mainly a green color than the white or peach. After a day of wearing it, it didn’t really correct anything but did a great job as a primer. It felt really light on my skin and did a good job, but it is also $36.00 for a primer that didn’t correct like it was supposed to.

The battling product is the Almay Smart Shade Primer and if you recall I actually referred to this in my Flawless Foundation Routine. It costs $9.99 and is a blend of a green and purple.

The solution comes out as a even blend of the two colors and is a bit more liquidy than the Stila. It blends in really evenly though, especially with the dark purple. After a day of wearing it, it has the same amount of primer powers as the Stila Primer. I usually wear my primer and foundation combo for 8+ hours, so they are both getting tested for long wear.

The product that won this was the Almay Smart Shade Primer! The mixture was really evenly blended and light weight throughout the day. The Stila Primer is still a great primer and will be used up, but the price and thickness took points off. Comment below if you have any specific products you would like me to do a Product Battle on!

Weekly Fashion Update~ Mint Green

Mint green has given the fashion world a refreshing taste. This cool green hue has been seen in fashion and beauty. Pastel green is such a lovely pale color that it compliments all skin types. Don’t be green with envy over girls who have mastered this pastel hue. With these outfit ideas, you’ll be rocking this season’s choice color with serious panache. Let’s begin!

Pink and green is a classic color combination, but in shades of bold fuchsia and muted green, it looks totally pretty instead of preppy. Wearing a light pastel and bright warm color helps accentuate your body and is an amazing color block. My favorite places to buy mint pants are American Eagle and Forever 21.

Pastel sundresses are always a staple for summer, but pale green is an especially on-trend shade this shade. This light sundress is perfect for a graduation, wedding, or just a Sunday out.

Flower-patterned jackets were all over the runway, and they’re a perfect pairing for a fancy dress in a matching color. Keeping the bag and shoes and dark or neutral color make the main focus on the printed blazer and minty dress. This dress is a lot more dimensional than the sundress look.

Wearing head-to-toe green is a great way to embrace mint. The contrast of light and dark shades of mint make the look not too overwhelming. Incorporating a deep colored lip into the outfit brings a lovely touch to the light colors.

An oversized sweater in a super-feminine shade pairs well with frayed cut-offs. Adding a peter pan collar to the oversized sweater dresses up the frayed shorts. Frayed boyfriend jeans would work just as well with the shorts. To dress it up even more, wear the oversized sweater with folded boyfriend jeans, nude pumps, and a brightly colored envelope clutch.

Today, I actually painted my nails mint green! I used Essie Mint Candy Apple and just a clear sparkle polish on my accent fingers.


Weekly Fashion Update~ How To Color Block Like A Pro

Color blocking is probably one of the most infamous and my favorite trend of all time. The blend of warm and cool colors can seem difficult, but all it takes is a few pointers. You can start with simple combinations like Yellow & Blue, Purple & Green, Purple & Yellow, Orange & Blue . . . just to name a few or step up a notch with colors like Chocolate Brown, Pink & Peach or Coral, Grey & Ivory or Deep Blue, Bright Pink & White. Color blocking can be worn any where from pants to shoes, even color blocking accessories. Let’s begin!


I will be referring to Dulce Candy’s color blocking techniques, because her fashion sense is truly amazing. To start, I will explain the two-thirds technique shown on the first picture on the left. The two-thirds concept is taking a color wheel and choosing three colors (green, purple, and the yellow on the purse) that form a triangle. Any other colors contributed in the look should either be neutral or black. The next technique is color blocking with pastels, shown here in the middle image. Wearing neutral colors with the pastels helps emphasize them. The soft shades of the 3 colors makes it a very gentle look, but also is loud with color and style. The final technique is color blocking colors that compliment each other. Found here in the right image. Complimentary refers to colors that are directly across from each other or have a color separating them. Keeping accessories and jewelry subtle helps compliment the colors. Adding a third color will just clash the outfit, but the tan leopard belt does add a pop of a neutral pattern.

Color Block Wheel example

Still need a bit more help? Get out the good ol’ Color Wheel and decide how you want to approach it.

Do you want to wear the same color in different hues (Monochromatic)? Or be bright and colorful wearing complimentary colors? or Analogous colors, which are more harmonious as they appear next to each other on the color wheel.

After you have decided that, do you want to just add a splash of color via accessories (like a solid color dress), wear separates  go full on color blocking or just pair with a neutral? Or wear a pre-made color blocked piece and need to accessorize with the right color bag, shoes, and belt?

Some easy steps to enhance your color blocking skills without buying a ton of pieces is to look into colored pants. Colored pants, a neutral top, and the right accessories make color blocking quick and easy! Buying colored totes or clutches can also bring a pop of pizzazz to any outfit!

Weekly Fashion Update~ The Bubble Necklace

The J. Crew Bubble Necklace has become a sensation in the world of preppy and feminine fashion. The bold statement necklace comes in a plethora of everything from rich, vibrant colors to sweet and girly pastels. This bold bauble can be worn with almost anything, but there are some great ways to put together an outfit so that it can really shine. I have been able to find this necklace at Target, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, and H&M as well.This necklace can be one of your favorite pieces if worn correctly. Here are some great ways to really let this necklace pull your outfit together.  Let’s begin!

A classic and elegant necklace against a casual chambray shirt is a great way to meld together two different looks in a fashionable way. The finished look is a clean-cut and fresh ensemble. The mixture of the light top, pants, dark bag, and statement necklace really brings the look a classy look.


I love mixing solids and prints, so this look is one of my favorites. The solid on the print will make the necklace really shine. I especially love the way this gorgeous aqua necklace looks against the leopard print top. The red lips also brings a chic contrasting colors with the aqua, cheetah print, and red lips.


When a gray tee, black pants, and a black blazer, the bubble necklace is totally wearable for work. It adds a lovely pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit. These neutral colors and the bright necklace makes it professional and trendy.


The mix of textures and prints pulled together with the orange necklace creates a pulled-together and visually interesting ensemble. The collar and blazer adds a touch of masculinity, yet the preppy layers and coral necklace brings the feminine side.


Wearing a bubble skirt with a maxi dress creates an adorable semi-formal look perfect for a party or going out to eat. This is one of my favorite ways to wear it because if you purchase an all black maxi dress, then you can just attach a bright bubble necklace and the whole outfit it transformed.

The Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Color

Picking from what seems like an army of eye makeup shades on store shelves can feel like a perplexing task, but instead you can rely on certain hues that are guaranteed to work for your eye color. Much like a simple ribbon that pulls together and brightens wrapping paper for a gift, eye shadow can make your natural eye color pop! Every eye is different and beautiful. Whether it’s a bright green or a deep brown. These simple styles can help your eyes stand out. Let’s begin!

For blue eyes:

Day: Warm shades of gold brighten the blue hues in your eyes. Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo in the color of Bold Gold, $5.59.

Night: Sweeping a dark grey smokey eye across your lids creates an inviting sultry look. Adding a light grey highlight in the corner of your eyes really makes those baby blues pop. Covergirl Eye Enhancers in the color Smoke Alarm, $3.48.


For brown eyes:

Day: Blending a shimmer-bronze or taupe eye shadow on lids and the lower lash line brings out gold flecks in the iris. Loreal Paris Infallible, $6.99.

Night: First apply your favorite black mascara, and then apply an aubergine mascara just on the lash tips—the interplay of shades is subtle yet stunning. Medusa’s Make-up Mascara, $7.00


For green eyes:

Day: Apply copper eye shadow to lids and the bottom lash line, and then wet your brush and go over the color to moisten it, which will intensify both the shadow and your eye color. NYX Single Eye Shadow in the color Copper, $5.00.

Night: To accent with a touch of playful color, wet an eyeliner brush and apply a deeply pigmented purple shade to the top and bottom lash lines only. Or if you’re daring, sweep the vibrant hue over the entire lid. Rimmel Glam’ Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow Palette in the color Purple Reign, $5.68.



For hazel eyes:

Day: Wear a creamy or glossy nude shadow similar to your skin color all over lids, which will make your hazel eyes appear to slightly change colors depending on what you’re wearing.

Night: Use an antique gold to bring out the amber flecks in your eyes, or if wearing other eyeshadow colors, apply amber gold in the spot just straight over the pupil for the same effect. BareMinerals Mini Eyecolor in the color Radiant Rebecca, $6.50.


If you have dark eyes or just want to brighten your eyes, focus on blending light around the eyes, and stay away from muddy colors that will look overdone with dark lashes, brows and eyes. Apply concealer on lids to brighten the base, and try shimmery beige tones or a nude pencil along the inner rim of eyes. Everyone’s eyes are different, but these techniques are guaranteed to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes.

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