DIY~ Customizable Chalkboard

With the school summer break coming to an unfortunate end, this DIY is perfect for those people who just need to keep track of their daily lives. All this DIY takes is an old picture frame, spray paint primer, colored spray paint, chalkboard paint, and either a hot glue gun or super glue. Let’s begin!

First, start with your good ol’ picture frame. Make sure it contains the glass piece and not just the frame. You can find them at any craft store and extremely cheap at any thrift store, like Goodwill. Take all the pieces apart and clean the frame and glass.

Spray both the frame and the glass with Kilz Spray Primer. Just like priming your  face, this will ensure that the paint stays on. This process will take a lot of spraying so I suggest that you complete this DIY outside with a tarp, or protective covering down.

For the frame, you can pick any color or just leave it the original antique color. I chose Krylon’s Spray Paint in the color Ballet Slipper. This color is a really lovely pastel pink. Spray the frame with two even coats. Put it to the side to make sure that when you spray the glass it doesn’t get sprayed as well.

Next, spray the glass with Krylon’s Chalkboard Spray Paint. Spray the glass with two even coats, and then let it sit for 5 minutes and then spray it with two more coats.

It is best to let the frame and glass dry overnight or for at least 8 hours for the best use. Waiting this long will make sure that the chemicals dry and don’t chip away. If you wanted to apply a clear coat then that would be fine, but isn’t necessary. When putting it all together, put the glass in the frame and then apply either a hot glue or industrial glue. Then tighten the clasps on the frame.

And now you have an adorable chalkboard! If you wanted more use of it then attach small circular magnets onto the back of the frame’s corners with a hot glue gun.  The magnetized chalk board could be placed on the inside of a locker or on a bustling family’s fridge. Many people spray full-length mirrors with chalkboard paint for a wall size chalkboard. Add any ribbons or stickers to make it unique!

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