Weekly Fashion Update~ Vintage Flannels for Fall!

I love the laid-back and cozy feel of flannels for fall and winter.  They are an ideal layering piece, and there are so many new ways to wear them this upcoming season. Even though there’s nothing better than a classic go-to fall outfit of jeans, flannel, and boots, today’s flannels can be dressed up with blazers, rhinestone necklaces, or maxi skirts. Whether you mix them with other prints, dress them up, or go for classic 90s grunge, there’s no going wrong with a classic plaid flannel. Let’s begin!

Flannels look adorable peeking out from under a sweater for a super preppy look. Layering is perfect for the fall because it allows you to stay fashionable and warm.

Pile on the jewelry with your flannel to make even the most casual outfit more eye-catching. The touch of a wedge adds more gleam to relaxed jeans and an over-sized flannel.

Flannel + maxi: you will feel like you are in your pajamas but you will still look so stylish! A solid black maxi is a staple because it can be matched with any pattern.

Love the mix of hard and soft with flannels, leather, and studs.

Flannels also look great buttoned up under a blazer!  The rolled up jeans and chunky boots add a bit of edge to this otherwise super polished outfit.

Updated 90s grunge look- tie a flannel around your waist for that touch of pattern and laid-back style.

DIY~ Heart Cut-Out Tanks

From backless shirts to peek-a-boo dresses, these small slits are taking the fashion world by storm. Many of these trends are very expensive in-store, yet there’s an easy way to accomplish this look within minutes. Creating this will also help recycle those old t-shirts crammed in the bottom of your drawers. This look can be done by anyone and can be worn anywhere. Let’s begin!

First, you will need an old t-shirt. The front pattern doesn’t matter, but you will only be cutting the back of the shirt. If you don’t have any, they are available at local craft stores. Depending on your cutting and shape skills you may need to trace something. Using any type of paper, draw a large heart and cut it out. This stencil should take up however much of the shirt you want to be showing. Now, cut off the sleeves to form a tank top. Start from the armpit and cut upward. Cut the collar hem off into a scoop neck. The bottom is optional, but to create a more classic tank-top cut an upward scoop neck.


Place the heart on the back of the shirt. Trace with a white pencil, clothing pen, or a light crayon. These are easy to wash off in case of a mistake. Cut out the heart shape, and you’re done! You can cut more if you want a bigger heart shape. For a casual look, I like to accompany this with printed shorts, sandals, and chunky accessories. For a work ready look, I tag along colored pants, a cute cardigan, heels, and a long necklace. I wear most of these tanks in a casual settings. This creation looks fantastic with a printed bandeau  or adorable bathing suit. Just in time for summer!


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