Weekly Fashion Update~ How To Color Block Like A Pro

Color blocking is probably one of the most infamous and my favorite trend of all time. The blend of warm and cool colors can seem difficult, but all it takes is a few pointers. You can start with simple combinations like Yellow & Blue, Purple & Green, Purple & Yellow, Orange & Blue . . . just to name a few or step up a notch with colors like Chocolate Brown, Pink & Peach or Coral, Grey & Ivory or Deep Blue, Bright Pink & White. Color blocking can be worn any where from pants to shoes, even color blocking accessories. Let’s begin!


I will be referring to Dulce Candy’s color blocking techniques, because her fashion sense is truly amazing. To start, I will explain the two-thirds technique shown on the first picture on the left. The two-thirds concept is taking a color wheel and choosing three colors (green, purple, and the yellow on the purse) that form a triangle. Any other colors contributed in the look should either be neutral or black. The next technique is color blocking with pastels, shown here in the middle image. Wearing neutral colors with the pastels helps emphasize them. The soft shades of the 3 colors makes it a very gentle look, but also is loud with color and style. The final technique is color blocking colors that compliment each other. Found here in the right image. Complimentary refers to colors that are directly across from each other or have a color separating them. Keeping accessories and jewelry subtle helps compliment the colors. Adding a third color will just clash the outfit, but the tan leopard belt does add a pop of a neutral pattern.

Color Block Wheel example

Still need a bit more help? Get out the good ol’ Color Wheel and decide how you want to approach it.

Do you want to wear the same color in different hues (Monochromatic)? Or be bright and colorful wearing complimentary colors? or Analogous colors, which are more harmonious as they appear next to each other on the color wheel.

After you have decided that, do you want to just add a splash of color via accessories (like a solid color dress), wear separates  go full on color blocking or just pair with a neutral? Or wear a pre-made color blocked piece and need to accessorize with the right color bag, shoes, and belt?

Some easy steps to enhance your color blocking skills without buying a ton of pieces is to look into colored pants. Colored pants, a neutral top, and the right accessories make color blocking quick and easy! Buying colored totes or clutches can also bring a pop of pizzazz to any outfit!


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