Weekly Fashion Update~ Clothes That Make You Look Thinner

Tomorrow’s the big day. It’s either your big meeting, high school reunion, etc. and you have been way too busy to workout. You try and tell yourself if you workout all day, you can reach the goal weight for that mini skirt. But why fret? These styles are proven to make your figure look flawless. Let’s begin!

First, you need to start with a good foundation, a.k.a. your undergarments. This is especially important when selecting a bra. The right bra helps you shape your silhouette by keeping your chest in check and your waist defined. Avoid styles that will flatten you completely or styles that allow your bust to sag. Try boy shorts, briefs, and other styles that help pull in your buttocks, stomach, and thigh. These cuts create a tighter, smoother appearance. Control top hosiery has a tall, thick layer at the top designed to stretch over your stomach and keep it in place. This creates a smoother look that may make your dress look more flattering.

A sleek sheath dress has a  hidden asset: a mega-stretchy lining that subtracts inches. Most come in tank top forms, but if you aren’t a fan of your arms then you could just attach a cute floral cardigan. A body-shaping mesh lining within the dress means guaranteed smoothness. This style is great because it is a loose fit, but still creases in at the right places to make an hour-glass figure. Adding simple accessories can embrace the style.


The neck ruffle and cap sleeves of this breezy dress  enhance the upper body so it balances a larger bottom half. A slimming brown background makes the colorful pattern pop in the center. Florals that are clustered vertically make the body look narrower. Wearing heels that match a flower color rather than the background color makes the outfit pop!

This slinky dress minimizes hips and thighs by putting long sections of darker color on the outside and creating a lighter, brighter central section that streamlines the body. This dress is also in very current and the style can be found in many stores. Simple accessories can help accentuate your body.

The final look is a bodycon dress with body-defining shapes. This can be worn on a short bodycon or, like seen above, a longer body con. The shapes created an illusion of the small figure, but adding the belt helps with the hour-glass figure. This style is a sexier approach, even though no large amounts of skin is showing. These dresses will surly make you fantastic at your event!


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