The Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Color

Picking from what seems like an army of eye makeup shades on store shelves can feel like a perplexing task, but instead you can rely on certain hues that are guaranteed to work for your eye color. Much like a simple ribbon that pulls together and brightens wrapping paper for a gift, eye shadow can make your natural eye color pop! Every eye is different and beautiful. Whether it’s a bright green or a deep brown. These simple styles can help your eyes stand out. Let’s begin!

For blue eyes:

Day: Warm shades of gold brighten the blue hues in your eyes. Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo in the color of Bold Gold, $5.59.

Night: Sweeping a dark grey smokey eye across your lids creates an inviting sultry look. Adding a light grey highlight in the corner of your eyes really makes those baby blues pop. Covergirl Eye Enhancers in the color Smoke Alarm, $3.48.


For brown eyes:

Day: Blending a shimmer-bronze or taupe eye shadow on lids and the lower lash line brings out gold flecks in the iris. Loreal Paris Infallible, $6.99.

Night: First apply your favorite black mascara, and then apply an aubergine mascara just on the lash tips—the interplay of shades is subtle yet stunning. Medusa’s Make-up Mascara, $7.00


For green eyes:

Day: Apply copper eye shadow to lids and the bottom lash line, and then wet your brush and go over the color to moisten it, which will intensify both the shadow and your eye color. NYX Single Eye Shadow in the color Copper, $5.00.

Night: To accent with a touch of playful color, wet an eyeliner brush and apply a deeply pigmented purple shade to the top and bottom lash lines only. Or if you’re daring, sweep the vibrant hue over the entire lid. Rimmel Glam’ Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow Palette in the color Purple Reign, $5.68.



For hazel eyes:

Day: Wear a creamy or glossy nude shadow similar to your skin color all over lids, which will make your hazel eyes appear to slightly change colors depending on what you’re wearing.

Night: Use an antique gold to bring out the amber flecks in your eyes, or if wearing other eyeshadow colors, apply amber gold in the spot just straight over the pupil for the same effect. BareMinerals Mini Eyecolor in the color Radiant Rebecca, $6.50.


If you have dark eyes or just want to brighten your eyes, focus on blending light around the eyes, and stay away from muddy colors that will look overdone with dark lashes, brows and eyes. Apply concealer on lids to brighten the base, and try shimmery beige tones or a nude pencil along the inner rim of eyes. Everyone’s eyes are different, but these techniques are guaranteed to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes.


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