Beautiful Summer Booty Workout!

That time of the year is slowly inching its way here: Summer! Summer days are meant to be spent in a lawn chair, on a beach or pool, with all of your friends. I plan to be spending Summer that exact way. For many people, taking off that cover-up can be a challenge. Summer should be spent in adorable tops and bottoms, instead of a long fabric covering unwanted areas. This booty workout will ensure that your glutes stay fit and firm. A strong booty is important in the overall strengthening and functioning of the whole body. Everything in the body is connected. Strong glutes prevent injuries in other areas like hamstrings, knees, lower back, etc. And who doesn’t want a strong, beautiful back-side that’s lifted & toned?! If you stay consistent with this, you will see results by Summer time. Let’s begin!

First, a Booty Bridge will streghten your bottom plus your thighs. Try and stay in this position for 10-15 seconds and repeat 30 times. Don’t push to hard that you are feeling pain on your neck. A Side Slimmer should be done with either your body straight or at a diagonal. Make sure you go slowly to really ensure the workout. Repeat this 20 times. The Clam looks very difficult, but works very well. Start with your knees facing out from each other and switch the top leg so now it’s pointing inward. Repeat this 20 times. Going slowly with all of these workouts will give you the best burn.

The Heatwave is much like the Booty Bridge, except on the Heatwave you are only lifting your booty and not your entire back. Swaying hips will help with the workout. Repeat 30 times. Malibooty Hamstring Curl will work your bottom and hamstrings. This workout truly lifts up your booty. Go slow and extend your leg straight and bring it back in. Repeat this 20 times. Then, extend the leg and keep it straight as you raise the straight leg up to be parallel to the ground. Repeat this 20 times, as well. These workouts should take about an hour and can be done anywhere there is floor. I recommend using a soft surface like carpet, a rug, or a yoga mat underneath because you will be on your back and your hands and knees. Doing these workouts 2-3 times per week will give you that beautiful Summer booty!


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