Weekly Fashion Update~ 2013 Summer Swimwear Trends

Summer has officially arrived, which means this post is well needed. Every year new trends pierce the runways and end up on the coastline. Swimwear trends have evolved from last years simple bandeau. For the latest in swim fashion trends, I turned to Miami Fashion Week.  Miami fashion designers bring the flashy, sexy, glamour of city to the runway. The models are gorgeous bronzed women who make you want to race into the stores and buy these looks. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on designer suits, I prefer to buy swimwear that would get the most use. My method is to possess an array of solid bottoms and solid tops. I usually buy patterned tops or bottoms separately that correlate with a solid opposite, splurging on mainly one-pieces. My favorite places to buy swimwear are Pac Sun, Forever21, Lulus.com, Target, Victoria’s Secret, and any beach store. All of these stores should carry these trends. Let’s begin!

1.) Sequins Galore!

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

I am in love with the glitzy straps on this simple and chic black bikini.  The sparkle is just right and shines beautifully against her gorgeous tan. Sequin patterned bandeau tops have also been making an appearance with printed bottoms.

2.) Fringe Bikini Tops

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

I know you have been seeing the fringe bikinis all over pinterest and instagram! They are everywhere.  A fun and sexy look for those who want to add a little edge. Most fringe suits are either a triangle top or bandeau, but one-piece fringe tops are also chic.

3.) Gold & Copper Accents

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

The small bits of shimmery  accent brings out her tan. I love the gold touch on this white bikini.  A fresh combo!

4.) Cropped Bustier

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

I am obsessed with this cropped bustier swim suit and its mismatched bottoms.  Super flattering cut on the top makes any waist look skinnier.  The contrast with the pink top and patterned bottom is super trendy and helps break up the boring nature of having the same print all over. The proportions of the bustier and small bottoms brings a nice shape to the body.

5.) Bikini Bow Tops

miamifashionweek swim 2013 bikini fashion blog bow 182x300 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

A bikini bow top is the perfect way to make a swimsuit cute and playful.  Most of these tops are bandeau making the bow in the front. The small bow on the bottom helps bring the whole look together.

6.) Cut out One-piece

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

Cut outs are a clear trend for swimwear this year.  They show just the right amount of skin to remind you that you don’t need a two-piece be hot. Many cut out one-pieces have sheer instead of bare skin showing.

7.) Bandage One-piece

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

I love the bandage mixed with the floral print! The bandage makes it look very sexy, while the floral creates a girly flare. This swim suit is perfect for pool lounging.

8.) Crochet

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

This one-piece is a gorgeous example of the new crochet trend. Many two piece suits have had this with the top having a crochet frill on it. Who knew my grandma hobby has the potential to create something so alluring.

9.) 70’s Inspired Bright Florals

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

Bright colors and floral prints have been getting noticed all over the beaches. This look incorporates a deep v-neck line and a high-waisted bottoms. Very retro!

10.) High-waisted Bottoms

 Swimwear Trends: Miami Fashion Week 2013

High-waisted shorts have made a comeback in a big way this year. The high hemline makes the legs look miles long.

The Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Color

Picking from what seems like an army of eye makeup shades on store shelves can feel like a perplexing task, but instead you can rely on certain hues that are guaranteed to work for your eye color. Much like a simple ribbon that pulls together and brightens wrapping paper for a gift, eye shadow can make your natural eye color pop! Every eye is different and beautiful. Whether it’s a bright green or a deep brown. These simple styles can help your eyes stand out. Let’s begin!

For blue eyes:

Day: Warm shades of gold brighten the blue hues in your eyes. Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo in the color of Bold Gold, $5.59.

Night: Sweeping a dark grey smokey eye across your lids creates an inviting sultry look. Adding a light grey highlight in the corner of your eyes really makes those baby blues pop. Covergirl Eye Enhancers in the color Smoke Alarm, $3.48.


For brown eyes:

Day: Blending a shimmer-bronze or taupe eye shadow on lids and the lower lash line brings out gold flecks in the iris. Loreal Paris Infallible, $6.99.

Night: First apply your favorite black mascara, and then apply an aubergine mascara just on the lash tips—the interplay of shades is subtle yet stunning. Medusa’s Make-up Mascara, $7.00


For green eyes:

Day: Apply copper eye shadow to lids and the bottom lash line, and then wet your brush and go over the color to moisten it, which will intensify both the shadow and your eye color. NYX Single Eye Shadow in the color Copper, $5.00.

Night: To accent with a touch of playful color, wet an eyeliner brush and apply a deeply pigmented purple shade to the top and bottom lash lines only. Or if you’re daring, sweep the vibrant hue over the entire lid. Rimmel Glam’ Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow Palette in the color Purple Reign, $5.68.



For hazel eyes:

Day: Wear a creamy or glossy nude shadow similar to your skin color all over lids, which will make your hazel eyes appear to slightly change colors depending on what you’re wearing.

Night: Use an antique gold to bring out the amber flecks in your eyes, or if wearing other eyeshadow colors, apply amber gold in the spot just straight over the pupil for the same effect. BareMinerals Mini Eyecolor in the color Radiant Rebecca, $6.50.


If you have dark eyes or just want to brighten your eyes, focus on blending light around the eyes, and stay away from muddy colors that will look overdone with dark lashes, brows and eyes. Apply concealer on lids to brighten the base, and try shimmery beige tones or a nude pencil along the inner rim of eyes. Everyone’s eyes are different, but these techniques are guaranteed to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes.

Blogger In Focus: Beauty Informer


Meet Patricia. She is a gorgeous blogger whose passions are writing about beauty, style, food, and people. She has always been in love with the art of makeup and learnt most of her techniques from Youtube makeup gurus. Some of her favorite Youtubers include makeupgeek, pixiwoo, missjessicaharlow, kandeejohnson,  and gossmakeupartist. After hours of listening and practicing, Patricia is quite close to being as good as a professionally trained MUA. “When my curiosity and thirst to learn more about beauty and style kicked in, I realized there was some really interesting information available on the internet, for free”, says Patricia. As she started to do her research, she realized that there was some really interesting information that many people pay to know about. She realized that like-minded people would be happy to have this information. Thus, Patricia followed her heart and created Beauty Informer.


Her blog shares beauty product reviews, beauty news, DIY skincare and makeup tips, and events and happenings that other beauty addicts would be interested in. Patricia’s blog was one of the first that I followed and still continues to be one of my favorites. She plans on doing more research and answering beauty queries from her readers. If anyone has a question for her, feel free to contact her at beautyinformer@gmail.com. Click here to view her fabulous blog:


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Beautiful Summer Booty Workout!

That time of the year is slowly inching its way here: Summer! Summer days are meant to be spent in a lawn chair, on a beach or pool, with all of your friends. I plan to be spending Summer that exact way. For many people, taking off that cover-up can be a challenge. Summer should be spent in adorable tops and bottoms, instead of a long fabric covering unwanted areas. This booty workout will ensure that your glutes stay fit and firm. A strong booty is important in the overall strengthening and functioning of the whole body. Everything in the body is connected. Strong glutes prevent injuries in other areas like hamstrings, knees, lower back, etc. And who doesn’t want a strong, beautiful back-side that’s lifted & toned?! If you stay consistent with this, you will see results by Summer time. Let’s begin!

First, a Booty Bridge will streghten your bottom plus your thighs. Try and stay in this position for 10-15 seconds and repeat 30 times. Don’t push to hard that you are feeling pain on your neck. A Side Slimmer should be done with either your body straight or at a diagonal. Make sure you go slowly to really ensure the workout. Repeat this 20 times. The Clam looks very difficult, but works very well. Start with your knees facing out from each other and switch the top leg so now it’s pointing inward. Repeat this 20 times. Going slowly with all of these workouts will give you the best burn.

The Heatwave is much like the Booty Bridge, except on the Heatwave you are only lifting your booty and not your entire back. Swaying hips will help with the workout. Repeat 30 times. Malibooty Hamstring Curl will work your bottom and hamstrings. This workout truly lifts up your booty. Go slow and extend your leg straight and bring it back in. Repeat this 20 times. Then, extend the leg and keep it straight as you raise the straight leg up to be parallel to the ground. Repeat this 20 times, as well. These workouts should take about an hour and can be done anywhere there is floor. I recommend using a soft surface like carpet, a rug, or a yoga mat underneath because you will be on your back and your hands and knees. Doing these workouts 2-3 times per week will give you that beautiful Summer booty!

DIY~ Heart Cut-Out Tanks

From backless shirts to peek-a-boo dresses, these small slits are taking the fashion world by storm. Many of these trends are very expensive in-store, yet there’s an easy way to accomplish this look within minutes. Creating this will also help recycle those old t-shirts crammed in the bottom of your drawers. This look can be done by anyone and can be worn anywhere. Let’s begin!

First, you will need an old t-shirt. The front pattern doesn’t matter, but you will only be cutting the back of the shirt. If you don’t have any, they are available at local craft stores. Depending on your cutting and shape skills you may need to trace something. Using any type of paper, draw a large heart and cut it out. This stencil should take up however much of the shirt you want to be showing. Now, cut off the sleeves to form a tank top. Start from the armpit and cut upward. Cut the collar hem off into a scoop neck. The bottom is optional, but to create a more classic tank-top cut an upward scoop neck.


Place the heart on the back of the shirt. Trace with a white pencil, clothing pen, or a light crayon. These are easy to wash off in case of a mistake. Cut out the heart shape, and you’re done! You can cut more if you want a bigger heart shape. For a casual look, I like to accompany this with printed shorts, sandals, and chunky accessories. For a work ready look, I tag along colored pants, a cute cardigan, heels, and a long necklace. I wear most of these tanks in a casual settings. This creation looks fantastic with a printed bandeau  or adorable bathing suit. Just in time for summer!


Weekly Fashion Update~ The Maxi Dress


With summer right around the corner, maxi dresses are flying off the shelves. This long dress can be worn either casual or more dressed up. Thought to be reserved for hippies, this flowy dress has been spotted every where, but how do you find the perfect one for your shape? Whether you are petite or plus sized, this dress has the potential to make you look flawless. Designers from Versace to J.Mendel have displayed how an age-old trend of maxi dress can sweep off the most fashionable runways. The floor-length maxi dress is one of the highlights of Summer 2013.




If you are 5’4 or shorter (petite) then your main objective with this look is to not look like a tent. In order to not be swallowed up by the long fabric, look for a fitted dress. The fitted dress with accentuate your figure and make it seem elongated. Also, strive for a v-neck shape of a dress. This will show more skin, making you look leaner and taller. The v-neck also attracts the eyes to go up and down, creating a streamline look. Having a slit in the dress or cut-outs will show off your small figure and make your frame look amazing. Adding heels to this look will also make you look taller. For a summery look, I recommend wearing wedges or sandal heels. You can dress-up the look more by adding pumps and accessories. Focusing on vertical prints or solid colors won’t make you look overwhelmed. For petites I recommend Target, Forever21, Topshop, or Asos for maxi dresses.




For plus size girls, this look is great because it minimizes large hips and legs. For optimum wear for your figure, try looking for thicker straps. Small spaghetti straps will make your figure look larger in comparison. Larger prints will compliment your figure much more than smaller ones. Darker colors will also make you look slimmer. Adding a belt around the thinnest part of the waistline to add an hour-glass shape. Wearing a jean jacket or blazer will dress it up without over-doing it. The best places to find plus size maxi dresses are Lane Bryant, Forever21, JcPenny, and Macy’s.

You can also buy formal maxi dresses which are made of soft fabrics, such as silk or chiffon. They also have dressier pleats and hemlines. Solid colors are a lot easier to wear to more places. However, if you want to dress-up one dress for a fancy occasion, adding pumps, gorgeous jewelry, and a cute clutch always make the look more elegant.

Formal special occasion maxi dresses

Beautiful, Bouncy Curled Hair!

Curly versus straight. That, my friends, is the question. Whether it’s formal events or just something different, I love to curl my hair. With upcoming graduation and summer, I thought this tutorial would be perfect. Time to ditch those thick jackets and dive into crop tops and gorgeous curls. This look is very low maintenance and only requires a curling device, hairspray, hair tie or large clip, hair protectant, and a comb or brush! Other essentials can be added to create more volume. Let’s begin!

This look can be either used with clean hair or 1-2 day old hair. The older hair holds a curl better because of the excess oils already in the hair, but you don’t want really greasy curls. For this process I used a curling wand. I prefer a wand rather than the curling iron because, for me, it speeds up the process because you don’t have to use a clamp and the curls are a lot more fuller. My curling wand is the Remington Pearl Ceramic Ultimate Curling Wand. I seriously love this wand more than anything. I have the smaller one because I like the tighter curls and being able to brush it out for looser ones. The great thing about this wand is that the base is 1 inch and it decreases to 1/2 inch as you continue down, allowing different size curls. It says it is “infused with pink sea pearls” on the box, which is kind of weird, but it does have a smooth texture on the barrel. I got it at Walmart, and is available online too, for only $21.49, without tax.


To start off, plug the wand into an electrical outlet and set it to whichever heat setting you prefer. I usually set it to one click before the highest of 410 degrees. Next, add a heat protectant. Since we are using such high temperatures this is a necessity.  At these temperatures you could bake cookies on your curling iron! The heat protectant I have been using for years is the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. It seriously works and was voted one of the best heat protectants in several beauty magazines. Spray this all through the dry hair and gently comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. I suggest using a wide-tooth comb because it is a spray and will dampen your hair, so if you slam a brush through there it will create damage.

Next, separate your hair at the crown and either pin it up with a large clip or tie it back with a hair tie in a small bun. If you want to add a frizz-calming spray, now would be the time. Gently massage either a frizz cream or Argan oil through the separated pieces. Now, it’s curling time! Take a 1 inch portion of hair from the separated pieces.


Now wrap the hair over the bottom of the curling wand starting the closest towards your hand. Wrapping it around this way will create a fanned-out look that will make your face appear brighter. Twist around the full wand and hold it for 8-12 seconds. Depending on how thick your hair is the times will be different for all. Once you release, the trick to beautiful curls is to cup the curl in your hand. Meaning, as you release the curl let it curl up in your hand as it lets go from the wand. To do this, put your hand towards the end of the wand with your palm facing upwards. Release the curl and the curls should form a little circular section on your hand. Hold in there for  3-5 seconds and it will ensure the curl will hold its form because it cooled in the coiled position. Once you finish that side of your head, hairspray the curls. For the other side, you will need to switch your hand position, but keep going under the barrel of the wand. Hairspray each side then release the clipped sections and continue curling them. Not everyone is going to need as much hairspray for every section. Many just spray at the end, but hair-spraying does keep contain the look all day long.

For super natural, shiny curls I recommend using Suave Vibrant Shine Spray after the whole head of hair as been curled. This will bring a healthy glow to the curls and make them more inviting. This product is available at drug stores and is extremely inexpensive. The part I love the most of this product is that when you shake it up you can seen little sparkly minerals inside it. Yet, when you spray it the outcome doesn’t look like childish with sparkles everywhere and you can’t even notice the sparkles. I also love that the product is a liquid spray, but when you apply it, it doesn’t make your hair wet. It’s like a dry spray and works wonders.

That’s all! Pretty easy to achieve voluminousness curls. This look is perfect for either a date night or a shopping spree. To accompany this look, I like to add either a shimmery head band or a cute bow, like my picture below. This picture was from Winter break when my family and I all visited North Carolina. My bow is from H&M. For looser curls, just finger through the fresh curls to achieve your desired look. For more of a beachy wave, take a brush or wide-tooth comb and gently go through the curls. If you are going to prefer looser curls or waves, then I suggest not applying hairspray at first or buying the larger barreled wand.


This look probably takes 15-20 minutes for long hair, like mine, and 10-15 minutes for short hair. If you have a curling want and don’t want to buy a wand, you can just wrap your hair around the barrel and not clamp it down. This look is very cost efficient and lasts all day and all night!


How To Grow Luscious, Healthy Eyelashes

After years of continuously gluing fake lashes and applying countless strokes of mascara, eyelashes look quite dull. The limp fibers seem to be of no use at their natural state. These days, not many people even wear their own lashes in the public eye. I was one of those gals who would spend the extra time in the morning just to get the perfect line of glue on my upper lash line. Being a frequent user of eyelash growth serums, I feel everyone’s pain. Back in my cheerleading days, I was one of the ladies who would catch the girls being thrown in the air, known as a base. One day, as she was coming down her foot flew back, striking me in the eye. When I finally was able to open my eye I felt soft little hairs all over my face. Those little hairs were no other than my top row of right eyelashes. I searched high and low for a remedy that would regrow them as fast as possible. It almost sounds too good to be true: Swipe an applicator over your eyelids and you’ll grow enviably thick, longer eyelashes. That’s what eyelash growth enhancers – both over-the-counter and prescription – claim to do. And if you’ve lost your lashes, growing new ones isn’t just for cosmetic appeal. Using serum after serum, until eventually I found a cure right in front of my face. This remedy is quick, easy, and extremely affordable. Let’s begin!

To begin this process, you will only need one item: petroleum jelly. This product can be found in local drug stores or even some grocery stores. I bought Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for only $2.99 at my local drug store. I recommend doing this process right before you go to bed because you need all of your makeup from the day to be removed from your face. It also helps to have a clean canvas to work on, so washing your face is recommended.



First, take a finger size of jelly and rub it between your fingers. This will heat up the petroleum jelly making it moisturize a lot better. Close one eye and gently rub this along your top lash line. Avoid any contact with the inside of your eye. If you do make contact with the jelly and your eye, wash eye out immediately and read label for further precautions. Continue rubbing and massage the jelly on your eyelashes as if you were applying mascara with your fingers. Proceed and apply to the lower lash line as well.

If you have a desire to enlarge your eyebrows, then you can also apply this to the needed areas. This will lubricate the hair follicles and help produce growth. Every person has a different rate of hair growth, but this treatment has a high guarantee of working. Petroleum jelly is a very moisturizing product and is used all over the world. It is used as a base product of many lotions and skin treatments. Your eyeballs and eyebrows may seem greasy now, but in the morning they will be soft and supple. Within a few weeks results should be noticeable.

Petroleum jelly can also be used to lubricate chapped hands, lips, and soften the finger cuticles. It reduces the amount of moisture loss and is a very inexpensive, efficient purchase. Petroleum jelly is truly an item to have in your pantry. Who doesn’t want long lashes and soft skin?

Prom is in the Air!

Prom, short for promenade, is what little girls dream about daily. When I was in high school I only got to go to prom once due to that I graduated early. When I did attend the theme was “California Dreaming”. Which no one knew how to dress according to the theme and once we got there the decorations were like old Hollywood. Prom is truly one night where you just feel free. Surrounded by your friends, date, and ready to make the best memories of the school year. In order to have a good time, a lady must overcome obstacles. Finding the perfect dress, finding the perfect makeup that won’t melt off your face from dancing the night away, etc. Much like a prom scavenger hunt.  This makeup look is my favorite and is guaranteed to last the entire night. Let’s begin!

First using Make Up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer, I spread this across my face. I usually buy the green primer and use one squirt on my whole face. If you are prone to be greasier in certain areas, like your t-zone, then apply a small bit more in those areas. The green primer is more beloved than white because the green works along with your foundation to cover up anything from blemishes to sun damage. It really keeps the face together the whole night.



Next is the foundation. The foundation I recommend can be used for prom and also every day wear. I wear it every single time I wear foundation and I truly adore it. It is Revlon ColorStay foundation for combination/oily skin. I like it because it contains salicylic  acid which helps fight breakouts. This foundation shows up great in photos as well. It doesn’t get splotchy or shiny. I apply this using a foundation brush all over my face. I will use a Covergirl concealer to my under-eye area and any blemishes or troublesome spots. This face mix sets fantastic with Neutrogena press powder. Using a thick powder brush, gently apply this powder to your face.



If you have an issue with your brows then using the Benefit Brow Duo shadow set gently shade in your desired shape. I do not have to shave in my eyebrows because they are already voluptuous, but if you have to this set has amazing reviews by everyone I know. It has two colors inside that help you get the preferred shape. For gently blushed cheeks I applied Bobbi Brown blush in the color Nectar on the apples of my cheeks using an angled blush brush. I applied just enough to add definition to my face, but not consume the whole look. This color is completely matte and is a gorgeous color. I don’t apply a highlight on my face or contour, but if you do it will bring more shape to your face. Afterward I primed my eye lids using Urban Decay’s Eye shadow Primer. Priming the lids will ensure that the makeup doesn’t ooze off your face mid-prom from all that dancing. Eye shadow time! For my eyes I will be using the NAKED2 palette by Urban Decay. I use this palette for everything from formal events to going into town.



First, cut off two 1 inch rectangles of household tape and from the corner of the eye to the edge of the brow tape it down. As weird as this process sounds, it will ensure the eye shadow will have a winged flare. Using a flat shadow brush, pat Verve across the lid. The names of each shadow are found below the shadow in the palette. Apply Tease with a medium fluffy brush to the outer 1/3 of the eye, blending outwards towards the tape. Using a blending brush, apply YDK into the crease and outer portion of the lid. Smudge busted in the outer lash liner and apply a small amount into the crease. Apply Blackout to the lower lash line with a liner brush and the top line. You could also apply liquid liner to the top liner if needed. For an inner eye highlight I highly recommend using Ellis Faas Light Pen. Apply this to the inner corners of the eye to lighten your eyes. The shimmer in this brings out the color pigments in your eyes. Taking off the tape, the shadow should have a sharp wing to it. If you would like more sparkle to it, add a shimmery shade to the middle of the lid.


For eyelashes the choice is either natural or fake. Since this event is very formal I would recommend using fake, because it shows up a lot better in pictures. For long-lasting lashes, I recommend using any Kiss eyelash product. I have used them for years and they have never un-glued themselves unexpectedly from my eyelids.

Since this eye shadow is a more dramatic look, for lips I will apply and lighter color. Using Mac lipstick in the color Myth, apply this to your lips. For bigger looking lips, take a white liner pencil and outline the cupids bow on the top lip and the middle thickest part of the lower lip. This will highlight your lips when picture taking time comes around.

And that’s it! You are officially prom ready. Along with the gorgeous dress, every girl needs to bring essential items. For inside the clutch, I recommend bringing cover-up, blotting facial papers, your cellphone, money, I.D, a camera, keys, and, of course, your tickets to get inside prom. For many girls, prom is a night like no other, and I wish everyone the same for their prom experience.

Recently, my cousin went to prom and here I did her makeup with the same look, but added orange to compliment her dress. Have fun!


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