Spring Fashion Update~ High-Waisted Shorts

The sweet smell of daises and fresh cut lawns pierce the air. That’s because spring is everywhere, and nearing an end. These past months have been filled with lots of schooling, occasional beach visits, and enjoying time with friends. This spring I’ve exhausted nearly every outfit in my closet trying to stay on prime style. My favorite look of the spring so far has been this very chic look:

August Style  (www.farfetch.com, Woven Textured Fedora | Shop Accessories at Arden B, High-waist Solid Straight Denim Shorts - Sheinside.com, Baggy Crop Top, Gator Studded Flats ~ TOBI, Stella Mccartney Falabella Bag in Beige, In One Ear Studs - New In This Week  - New In)

This outfit has the ability to be worn anywhere. From school to shopping, or even boating. The shirt is a pink crop top from Forever 21. It is very light and comfortable. The high-waisted shorts are from H&M, and go high enough that the area revealed by the crop top is covered. The sunglasses are also from Forever 21 and are seriously indestructible. I always throw them all over my car and they haven’t broke once. These shoes are from Yoki and are black with small rhinestones on them. The nude purse is from Express and has so many pockets on the inside. The unique earrings are from Topshop. To top off the whole outfit, the hat is from Urban Outfitters.

High-waisted shorts have been spotted every where. This new trend accentuates the legs and makes them seem miles long due to the high hem line. Finding the right size is the most important part, though. The top of the shorts should be mid-belly button level. What many women make the mistake of is not checking the back of the shorts. High-waisted shorts have the tendencies to ride up, revealing the ol’ cheeks. So make sure that your shorts fit everything in all situations so you are the most comfortable.

My favorite places to find high-waisted shorts are Pac Sun, Forever 21, H&M, Topshop, Nastygal.com, and Urban Outfitters. These styles can be found in the stores or online.  This look is easy to accomplish and versatile for any body type!

Foolproof Liquid Liner Techniques

Everyone has that one makeup fear that constantly haunts them. Mine, for years, has been liquid eyeliner. In the mornings I would use pencil and blend it, but now it’s time the coward gets over it. Liquid eyeliner is truly a hit-or-miss makeup trend. Either you do it correctly and look like a babe, or you don’t and you look like you just got in a fight.  After much practice, I have discovered a foolproof way to accomplish those perfect cat-eyes. Let’s begin!

First, take a taupe eye shadow and using a liner brush gently glide this across your top lid. It truly doesn’t matter what skin color you are, taupe will work no matter what. This shadow works as a primer and a construction of where the liner will go. I used MAC Satin Taupe.

After applying the taupe, take your liner and take a deep breathe. Calm that shaky hand and realize it’s no big deal. If you have really close eyes you will want to bring the darkest spots to farthest corners of your eyes. In which a cat-eye would be perfect because it opens the eyes and makes them more noticeable.

Take the liner and sweep it across your eye. If it is not perfect, then take the liner brush and even it out. Doing little lines makes it more sloppy because of the stopping and going. By using the liner brush to even it out helps make it look straighter.

My first try wasn’t perfect, but literally 100x times better than ever before. Practice truly makes perfect so if you don’t have movie-star liner the first try, don’t fret!


Bold eyeliner looks have been sweeping the runways lately. If traditional black is too bland for you, switch it up! Bright blues and whites open the eyes for a very inviting look. Whether soaking the sun on a beach or dancing to your favorite jam in the club, color liners are perfect. My favorite  liners include NARS eyeliner sylo and Stila’s liquid liner pen. Both are pens, but gel eyeliner can give the same results. Celebrities all over the red carpet have been spotted with this trendy eye.

Liquid liner can be worn thousands of ways. Whether attached to a smokey eye or on the top lid  with a deep pink lipstick, much like Lauren Conrad above. Others enjoy doing several strokes to build up a bold winged look and then draw on ‘Twiggy’ style lashes on the lower. This look is very clean-cut, simple, and perfect for any time of the year!

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